About Us

What we are?

We are WinSaar Technologies and works to produce fantastic frameworks, kernel, components, software building blocks that other developers use for deploying end user solutions in affordable cost . At the current time we produce software components for the .NET (VB,C#), IOT, Open Source Web Technologies, Cloud Computing, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development.

Our highly technically qualified team providing software building blocks from lots of engineering in application development methods in all the platforms, knowledge management in a software development team and business process implementation, we help our clients find the right problems to solve, and to solve these effectively. We provides the technical solution for software development companies to utilize their assets / resources for profit making areas of deploying users solutions without stuck in technical abilities.

Our Skills

Microsoft.Net (Windows & Web Applications)
VB/Java Script, Web Servers & Hosting, Open Source Technologies
Cross-Platform Mobile Applications Development
MS SQL, MySQL, MySQL Workbench, PostgreSQL, MS Access, XML
ERP Modules Implementations in Manufacturing Industry
Customize Business Processes Implementations in Manufacturing Industry
Data loging systems (with FDA's Technical Controls for CFR Part 11) in Pharma Industry.

Our Vision

.Our vision is to "Make software development easy" with providing fantastic frameworks, kernel, components and user solutions in affordable cost. This makes your application with highest quality and months ahead in a race of software development, usage functionality definition & user's process implementation in defined budget.

Our Mission

. We are on the mission of "Making software development easy" and empowering software developers from small scale software industry to achieve more.
. This mission is with ambition of making entrepreneurs, generating job opportunities in software development industry with high quality technically experienced software development resources at fresher level who develops/provides software solutions which compliance statutory requirements of "Food and Drug Administration's" (FDA's) with the Code of Federal Regulations; Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures (21 CFR Part 11).

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Core Values

.We deliver fantastic frameworks, kernel, components to "Make software development easy" for configurable business solutions that are intuitive to use.
.We feel our customers and people who working with us are our partners and family members. We motivated them passionately for a leadership, improving excellence to achieve personal and organizational success.

Why Choose Us?

We place our clients ,employees, associates couple of industrial needs first and providing technologies and user applications is simply a means to an end that supports growth and success speedily.
Find out how we're different and why we should be your Success & Growth provider of choice. We encourage our clients, employees, associates to take personal ownership of IT developments , support and service.Our success comes from you, through us helping you make best use of technology to forge efficiencies of your own, create your own differentiators, be more dynamic and competitive, and ultimately achieve success.

Our Services

We provides unique & essential frameworks for software developers
         SmartWinApp - For Windows applications development
         SmartWebApp - For Web applications development
         SmartMobiApp - For Mobile applications development
Our class products are packed with full of features to offer software engineers the most comprehensive convenience for user application development from our range.