Start e-Commerce Company

WinSaar Technologies E-Commerce Platform

What happened? if you are....

Jobless, Low Educated, Non-Educated, etc.

Maximum time, these people establish companies and employ the educated people to run...

WinSaar Technologies with you...

We are committed to 'START' your career, 'BUILD' your career...

Look what we are giving you with this entrepreneurship course.

We 'ESTABLISH' your E-Commerce company legally.

We are saying JOBLESS is an opportunity to think on yourself, think on your positives and to DO SOMETUING BIG in life.

We are helping you about to start E-Commerce company solely, in that we are training you on all the aspects which will help you to run a company easily and GET A JOB DEFINATELY.

WinSaar Technologies help you to define your business name, business structure, to get Shop Act License for your business. In simple words, we help you start your E-Commerce business.


We give you 'READY TO USE' E-Commerce website

In WinSaar's entrepreneurship development program we made easy to start your own E-Commerce business.
We are ready with 'READY TO USE' E-Commerce website and we will give you this website to you to run your own business as an owner of the company.

Website allow you unlimited categories of products, products, Payment Getaway integration with your Business's bank account, SMS integration and E-Mail integration, etc. In simple words, We give you readymade platform to run your business.

No need to make a study or any development about the same, because we are readymade and Ready To Use E-Commerce website for you.

We give you 'OUR SPACE' to start & run your company.

'BUSINESS SPACE' to run a business is very crucial factor for starting any of business due to commercial matters as RENT or BUYING a property. For everyone this is not able to make possible to invest in this at starting level of business.

On this problem, we are giving you 'BUSINESS SPACE' to run your space in our office and co-working spaces 'FREE OF COST'. We allow you to sit in our office for half-day daily for 2 months, in that you can learn from us, get configured your business in E-Commerce website and run your business easily.

We are with you online and our trainers will be with you for guidance and training technical and functional stuffs of E-Commerce Business.

We 'TEACH' you E-Commerce business strategies.

Starting and running of E-Commerce is not a big deal but not easy that much. Everyone have to learn the systematic execution of E-Commerce business...

We will teach you strategies for a better execution of E-Commerce Website, We will teach you execution, marketing, digital marketing , Photoshop editing for images to be used on your website.

This process makes you perfect person with maximum updated skill-set which actually required to run E-Commerce business.

We 'TEACH' you website development & hosting.

If you are technical person with minimum skill-set of software and website development programming knowledge, then we will teach you how to configure the website technically when you required as you required.

In this process, we train you for web development processes and technologies, web hosting at your web sever on laptop and internet, Purchasing website domain, purchasing web hosting server space, SMS integration, Email integration, WhatsApp Integration, informative methodologies of payment get way integration, etc

This will help you to be a fully technical person.

We 'TEACH' you functional development of website.

Intensity of technical development is very low once website is gone live.

Running a business must need full of functional knowledge about E-Commerce, configuration of pages, products, pricing, T & C, FAQs, reviews, product descriptions, etc.

This will give a perfect business knowledge and make your personality as professional businessman.

you can run this business from your home also, just communicate with vendors which provides product to you or deliver directly to your customer and make sure your business is running well...